I have what businesses need and what many marketers can’t give you; education and experience in journalism, writing, web design  and photography combined.

Photography and Digital Marketing Services for you and your business in any location.  From comprehensive digital strategies and implementation, to single project consultation, Lucy W Creative will build your website, curate your custom stock library, write and publish original blog content and more. 

Making the transition from journalism and professional photography to marketing, advertising, website design, digital strategies and content creation was a natural but surprising evolution.  There were no clues that online, digital marketing would become a much needed service industry when I started my college education.  

Growth of online technology demanded constant change in writing, photography, conceptualization and delivery channels.  Because I worked in these distinct areas, keeping up with the demands was a challenge until I saw a way to use everything together. Digital marketing became my bridge between the visual and verbal.  

Today, I develop and initiate comprehensive marketing and advertising strategies to businesses, drawing from multiple skill sets in the three major areas of digital marketing; copy, imagery and technical.  This full creative range of marketing and advertising solutions has the additional benefit of professional photography services.  Not only does this streamline the process, but saves companies money by getting everything in one place.


If you are interested in...

  • Conceptualization of marketing goals and digital strategies ensuring planned delivery.
  • Custom stock libraries and professional photography.
  • Fully researched, professional writing of original site and blog content on an ongoing basis.
  • Creation, maintenance and use of relevant social media accounts.
  • Website audits, re-designs, original design, build, launch and analytics.
  • Training and consultation for staff and employees.