Take Photos or...

It is difficult to balance all of the unseen work.  Capturing the image is the most exhilarating part of course, and next to that is the discovery of feather folicles, eyering bumps, or, the shock of my reflection in a passerine's eyeball.  This is a long way of overexplaining my inconsistent web presence.  

Looking below at earlier bird images, I see it is time to post more recent photographs.. As always, you may click here, or on any image to get to the "full" gallery, another dynamic project with constant additions.

Turkey Hill at Dusk, Hingham, MA, July 28

I avoid dusk since I am a novice avian photographer.  I feel that I will run out of time.  But at the end of today there were no birds on my mind as I was working on other things, so I went out for a fix, and here is what I found (my new birding friend put me onto the American Kestrels) at Turkey Hill in Hingham, MA.

American Kestrel


Savannah Sparrow

Eastern Phoebe


American Goldfinch

Red-tailed hawk

Birds in Hull, Massachusetts

I wanted to start a photo list here of birds that I photograph in the town of Hull.

July 24, 2013

Ruby-throated Hummingbird perched near a Rose of Sharron bush, 4th and Edgewater



July 23, 2013

Carolina Wren perched on a limb above a deck on 4th Street and Edgewater.

Same Carolina Wren with a view better for identification.




Marshfield, MA: July 24, Birding etc. at the Daniel Webster Wildlife Sanctuary

Back to Daniel Webster, one of my favorite wildlife locations.  Since I am inexperienced in birding technique, and my lens will auto focus on the nearest leaf or tip of grass, having some wide open space this time of year is very helpful.  I am already looking forward to March! 

Blue-gray Gnatcatcher




Northern Cardinal


Carolina Wren


House Finch


House Finch


Yellow-shafted Flicker

Birding July 21, 2013: Daniel Webster Wildlife Sanctuary, Marshfield, MA

Daniel Webster Wildlife Sanctuary is located in Marshfield, MA and managed by the North River Wildlife Sanctuary.  Today my friend Debi came along and was willing to leave Hull at 4:30am.  Now that is a true friend!  Debi has a great set of eyes unworn by looking through a camera viewfinder all the time.  She spotted things as I focused on another.  It was great!

American Goldfinch


Barn Swallow


 Eastern Meadowlark


 Great Blue Heron


Northern Flicker


Purple Finch


Red Tailed Hawk 




Yellow Warbler


Weir River Farm, Hingham, MA on July 20, 2013

Today was a short wildlife day.  The heat continued from yesterday's record highs, so my goal was to get in and get out quickly, while finding as many birds as I could.

Hingham, MA: Weir River Farm  is on Turkey Hill.  It is a 75-acre working farm with pastures, and upland grasslands, bordered by woodlands.  The Weir River passes through the farm at its northwest edge.  This site is wonderful as a beginner.  The fencing that divides the livestock pastures is a perfect on-site studio for birds.

Yellow Warbler



House Sparrows



American Goldfinch





Eastern Bluebird


Sparrow Fledgling 


Birding July 16, 2013: Daniel Webster Wildlife Sanctuary, Marshfield, MA

Marshfiled, MA: Daniel Webster Wildlife Sanctuary has a birding hot spot reputation.  Whether the vast number of observed species correlates more with the number of serious birders who visit matters not, because this Mass Audubon site is by far, one of the most outstanding places to see birds.  

If you are not feeling up to a long walk, the pond loop has two bird blinds and is a fine spot to sit and watch.  The meadows are huge, bordered on one side by Green Harbor River, complete with a boardwalk that eventually leads to Fox Hill where there is an observation platform.

Be warned that the warm weather beats down on you out there in these vast meadows, so bring plenty of water, and plan to be out for hours if you want to walk the whole thing.

Today it was too hot to go far, so I spent some time at the cemetery before making a brief visit to one of the blinds.  I was excited to add a new bird to my collection today.  All but the Cedar Waxwing had red eyes!

Daniel Webster Wildlife Sanctuary, Marshfield, MA: Eastern Towhee


Daniel Webster Wildlife Sanctuary, Marshfield, MA: Red-bellied Woodpecker


 Cedar Waxwing


Wood Ducks 

July 8 Birding

Hingham, MA:  Birding at World's End

Still in the heat wave today with incredibly heay humidity, but with some breeze.  Changed it up from the deep woods of Wompatuck and moved to World's End in Hingham where there are some woodlands, but mostly open meadows and trees.


Red Tailed Hawk


Brown Thrasher


Cedar Waxwing

White Breasted Nuthatch

 Yellow Shafted Flicker - juvenile was fed


Eastern Kingbird



July 5 Birding

Currently we are in a stubborn heat wave and the birds feel it too!  However, even though they might be quieter, they are working just as hard!  My morning destination was a piece of conservation land in Hingham, MA.  It has a small pond and a very large meadows, along with plenty of forest, of yes, and bugs.

Hingham, MA: More Brewers Park on Hobart Road

Hingham, MA: Wompatuck State Park, Gate 10

 Wompatuck State Park: Scarlet Tanager



Wompatuck State Park: Downy Woodpecker 

June 20 Birding

 Hingham, MA: Turkey Hill and Weir River Farm, 5:30 to 9:00 am - Help me identify the last bird in this series!

Chipping Sparrow




 American Goldfinch




Scarlet Tanager


American Goldfinch


American Goldfinch


Red Tailed Hawk 


 Great Crested Flycatcher


Great Crested Flycatcher


Common Flicker


April 27 Birding at World's End in Hingham, MA

Bird Photography in Hingham, MA:

Today was my first day using a super telefoto lens.  Canon was kind enough to ship out an 800mm lens for me to try.  I never, at any time, had any inclination to own a lens longer than my arm, but wanted to experience this once, while I am young enough to carry it.  

The Canon 800mm weighed about 15 pounds, so I chose an area of conservation land close to where I live, and one that I am familiar with, World's End in Hingham, Massachusetts.

I found a few live creatures to try my hand, and arms and shoulders, at this large lens.

Snowy Egret

Red Breasted Merganser