First article about working as a Digital Marketer or in Content Creation and Management

Linear always appeals to me, before it bores me.  Linear is necessary of course, especially when writing content.

I was tempted to start by presenting you with the basics of Content Marketing and Creation and moving ahead from there.  I decided to meet you where I am today in my content creation workflow and tell you what I'm thinking about and that is: rewards.  For me, writing original content is grinding work.  It involves curling in and around the computer screen to research and dig away at a topic I have specifically defined until I am satisfied that I can write something original, relevant and worthy of the particular business and client.

Today's work was for a very successful real estate agent.  I write 2 articles every week to publish and then share on various social media sites.  I have been writing original, home grown articles about real estate for a very long time.   I have many routines and approaches that I will share with you in the future, but for now it's about rewards.

By rewards I mean the tangible and immediate reward, not some vague long term feeling.  Like behavioral planning, the reward is the reinforcer of the behavior. What do I get after sitting, reading, searching, parsing, chewing, writing and editing?  Anyone that says that they just write everything for the joy and pleasure of it is delusional, which might also be a reward strategy.

 Example of a reward following the writing of a 3,000 word article about Home Inspections.

Example of a reward following the writing of a 3,000 word article about Home Inspections.

The lucky predicament is that I can also attend to everything visual in any type of marketing campaign, be it digital, print, short-term, long-term, web development and so forth.  The image accompanying the text content is the reward, for me, and this applies to building a business website, working a site photography shoot etc..  The image creation process is completely different than the linear mechanics of writing.

Writing for me is 95% tight, constricted focus, while image creation is 95% flow and play.  After conceptualizing the right type of design, I might need to go out for a specific photo shoot, or use the iPad and iPencil to draw, or pull together something from what I already have, all using different muscles from those that write.

And once I have meandered, I can jump right back into the linear format of writing articles.