A Funny Bird wishing you a Happy Valentine's Day

A Funny Bird wishing you a Happy Valentine's Day


A blizzard during daytime hours is an ideal time to work on a lingering or time sensitive creative project like a Valentine’s Day card for my mother.  While today’s work was personal, in the back of my mind I was also thinking of how I could transform the bulk of the work into something professional. 

The American Oystercatcher is one of my favorite birds.  I was living in a house on the edge of a bay when I saw my first “AMOY” (bird banding codes are handy abbreviations for each bird species).  It was a dreary, faint day with no depth in the water or the sky.  The conditions made the bird all the more spectacular.  

A Dr. Suess-esque bird was standing calmly at the water’s edge sporting a beak shaped like an embroidery needle in a flaming orange-red color.  All the more amazing were its red and orange eyes set against black, brown and white plumage.  It posed in profile, eyeballing me, or so I thought.  I rubbed my eyes, shook myself off like a cartoon character, and when I came to, the bird had not moved.

Today, I took a hint from Pokemon Go’s current Valentine’s Day event. Pokestop lures that usually last 30 minutes now last 6 hours and as always, they rain heart-shaped confetti.  The lures are attracting a preponderance of pink and red colored pocket monsters as well.  I chose a fancy bird with with love written all over it.  Thanks for the idea Niantic!

I broke out the iPad pro and the iPencil to dive into one of Adobe’s Creative Cloud mobile apps.  After bringing my photo of the American Oystercatcher into the app, I quickly selected the bird with my pencil and was left with a transparent background where I easily added the Burberry boots and rain hat using the same cut out actions.  I also grabbed a feather heart as an apt offering.

The file was saved to Creative Cloud so I could later open Photoshop CC on my MacBook Pro and add some shadows, confetti and text.

Because I enjoy the process so much, I tend to linger in the making.  I can justify doing this providing I can create things that can be repurposed.  I will use the bird and its accoutrements for marketing clients, friends, and for that matter, right here!