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Time Tracking and Time Management Made Simple

After you do something long enough, the individual steps  become like a reflexes.  Before I lose sight of how focused and detail-oriented I had to be when digital marketing became a "thing," I want to make sure to pass on my checklist or action recordings.  In case you are learning how to make living as a content creator, photographer or marketer, these magnified and slow motion break downs might help you, and even me!

It is Wednesday and I am ready to write a 2,000 plus article for a client.  Aside from opening up my laptop, I make sure I have the things I need around me to minimize unplanned distractions (of which there are plenty!).

I am a trial and error learner, and human. Please learn from all of my time-consuming mistakes!

The most amazing, yet diminutive device I the journalist-style notebook.  They are long and narrow with the spiral at the top.  I like to record my time and workflow tasks by jotting these down in an ongoing way.  

I tried many more digital options (Notes, Project Mgmt software, Calendar etc) before concluding that the jotting down is the most efficient time tracker.  Most clients don't want to see the exquisitely dull breakdown of every task, but in case something comes up, everything is written in one place.

I do not label each notepad for accounts (because label makers, or concocting new labeling colors, pens widths and placements could easily consume my entire day) but just a keep a running entry.  When the notepad runs out, I write the dates on to front and grab myself a new one!