South Shore Athletic Club Zumba Class

South Shore Athletic Club Zumba Class


Photo Challenges:  

Green walls, yellow floor, columns, mirrors, darkness, fast movement, sweat, skin colors.

Shoot Approach:  Custom white balance settings, manual mode on flash and camera, low ISO, 24-105mm lens set at 24, stay mindful of my reflection in mirrors, use mirrors to bounce some flash, ceiling bounce, catchlight bounce

Photo Goals:  

Accurately represent South Shore Athletic Club and the amazing classes included in their membership.

Andre is a much loved Zumba teacher whose enthusiasm and motivation started to peek through during my first round of photographs.

Marketing Goals:

Deliver images that show the true spirit of the business.

Some expressive shots while in action.


It was a reasonable start.  Much post-processing edits to adjust for the available light and the reach of the flash, and the white balance.

The Photo Shoot

I spent a lot of time on the floor and skirting the perimeter of the room trying not to be in the way of the participants.  I also tried some perspective shots from above.

 Learning as I go: How to photograph a Zumba class

Learning as I go: How to photograph a Zumba class

Next Steps

Try a different capture approach by upping the level of gear involved.