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Photograph Tactics: Yeti the Cat

Pet portraits, in my opinion, are not the stuff of humans.  In other words, I do not like portraits of animals made to fit into a human environment like a photo studio.  Even with family portraits, secretly staking the golden retriever to the ground with a tough leash shows up as a negative in the final product.

The mighty Himalayan cat named Yeti would clearly not suffer through the awkward process many photographers would inflict, not would he accept a poor quality image resulting from the same.

I made one attempt to set some Christmas lights near him and that was simply a no-go.  I could have cleaned his fur from the upholstery where he agreed to sit, but the message is somehow lost without it.  

cat portrait


Yeti reminded me that no, cats are not “the cleanest animals” as the myth states.  Cats are predators who do not have the time or inclination to clean themselves (unless there is a remaining morsel) or their surroundings as evidenced by the brief and haphazard way they cover their droppings.  It’s as if to say, “Here.  It’s covered.  You deal with the mess.”

I wanted to make sure I brought out Yeti’s eyes with complimentary and contrasting color choices.

cat photos