Logistics and Moving Around

I feel honored that I am trusted to take photographs on a regular basis at Glastonbury Abbey in Hingham, MA.

It is not an easy thing to take photographs in a church or chapel with many people, sitting, standing, kneeling, walking, or praying in a sacred space rife with ritual and reflection.  But for marketing purposes, photographs are the cornerstone of fundraising and attracting new parishioners. Turning invisible so as not to block a parishioner's view or interfere with faithful moments.  Glastonbury Abbey, a Benedictine monastery in Hingham, MA, has taught me everything I know about making the most of a daunting situation.

Easter time is always a week filled with opportunities to capture delicate moments but I am always reminded of the challenges.  Although I have been doing the Abbey's photography for many years, this unique opportunity always humbles me.

There are two logistical challenges to the layout of the Glastonbury Abbey chapel.  One, the altar is in the middle of the space so moving around for perspectives means that one must walk directly through the altar area.  However, there is a bookstore and I leave the bolt open so I can volley back and forth between both ends of the chapel without disrupting the process.

You can see from the photograph that it is a long and narrow space.  The spot where I was standing was near the other exit and I simply have to walk around outside to come in at the far end, thus keeping my disturbance to a minimum.

More to follow, after this Easter week is over!